Cenegenics Diet

Cenegetics: The Four-Area Diet Everyone Is Talking About

cenegenics diet

cenegenics diet

Cenegetics diet is a combination of four main areas that define people’s wellbeing: fitness, hormones, nutrient supplementation and nutrition. By considering all of these interconnected elements, the main goal of the diet evolves into the achievement of a general healthy state of the entire organism, rather than simply losing weight. It is important to look at each area individually in order to understand how this incredibly successful diet has helped thousands of people to become the best version of themselves.

Fitness :

Exercise is a fundamental element in every diet. The advantages are endless; your muscles, blood pressure, skin, bone tissues will benefit. However, workouts should not be the same for everyone: it needs to be acknowledged that each person has different exercising needs. For this reason, personal strategies are the best way to improve your fitness regimen, especially when this is planned by a professional personal trainer. Exercising can be differentiated in three main parts, which should all be included in the regimen. These are:

  1. Resistance, which can be achieved through muscle work or weight lifting, boosting hormone stability and healthy insulin levels.
  2. Cardio exercises, which are essential for decreasing blood pressure and building muscle mass.
  3. Flexibility training, which is crucial for a healthy body and its development in older age, especially focusing on weaker locations.


Nutrition :

The Cenegenics diet’s main objective is to reduce harmful elements in people’s diet, substituting them with fruits, vegetables, low fat meats and healthy fats. It is important to consider the evolutionary aspect of diet when creating a cenegenics diet plan: as humans, we have been eating non-processed foods for thousands of years before mass-production started. This is the main cause behind many types of cancer, diabetes, weight problems and high blood pressure in the westernized world. The main points that characterise the cenegenics diet are:

  1. Enhancement of the hormone treatment plan, by preserving the levels of sugar and insulin at a low level.
  2. Protection against disease by avoiding harmful saturated fats and chemicals.
  3. Addition of natural and organic foods to your diet, with a focus on nutrients.
  4. Boosting your immune system.

Supplements :

The requirement of supplements in a cenegetics diet is important because of the lack of certain nutrients, especially vitamins and microelements, that modern-day foods present. Absorbing these through supplements is often more effective than processing them through food, as it is impossible to reach the ideal amount of nutrients simply through diet.

Hormones :

  1. Hormones for Women

Women’s hormone balances are changeable on a monthly and yearly basis. Progesterone and estrogen are the hormones that are naturally present in women’s bodies that women on a cenegetics diet utilize in order to reach an ideal state of wellbeing. Other hormones that might be necessary include cortisol, testosterone, DHEA and thyroid hormones.

  1. Hormones for Men
    The decrease of testosterone in a man’s body can be described by the term “andropause” and it usually starts at the age of 30. Using testosterone when on a cenegetics diet will improve men’s health, during this period of their lives. Similarly to women, other hormones might be also advised, such as insulin, cortisol or DHEA.

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