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Age Management Medicine (AMM) is the science of youthful aging.  Growing older is inevitable but aging is not.  This is a field of science that has grown exponentially over the past 15 years and has extensive research behind it.  There are three basic focuses of AMM lifestyle: nutrition, exercise, and hormonal optimization.  All three of these must be addressed in order to be fully successful in slowing, stopping, or even reversing the body’s aging process.

The nutrition component focuses on low-glycemic diet and supplementation.  This is a diet that has now become the “in” diet and the weight loss industry has now begun to adopt this as their standard.  the anti aging programs has been promoting low-glycemic eating for over 20 years and are well versed in implementing this diet and individualizing it for each patient.  Vitamin and mineral supplementation is another aspect of the nutritional component.  Anti aging centers specialize in and  have extensively researched the recommended supplements which have scientific backing.  Aging management clinics such as Cenegenics have been able to get  clients off of their diabetic medication, high blood pressure medication, and cholesterol medication by utilizing the low-glycemic diet and supplementation.  Nutrition consultation is part of your Age Management evaluation at Cenegenics.

An additional important component is the hormonal optimization.  The goals are to assess your current hormonal status, physiologic stress levels, and level of inflammatory markers.  Based on these results the management aging clinics offer recommendations and treatment options.  They try to restore hormonal levels of a healthy 25 to 30 year old.  For men, the focus is on testosterone, growth hormone, DHEA, and the thyroid.  For women, the  focus  is based on testosterone, DHEA, thyroid, and bioidentical estrogen and progesterone.  The goal is to achieve youthful levels while closely monitor other hormones and inflammatory markers to make sure not only achieving these healthful levels but achieving them safely.  In most clinical practices, patients are started on hormones such as testosterone, based on testosterone level alone.  The doctors not only check testosterone but also free testosterone, estradiol, and HgbA1C (a measure of blood sugar), and base treatment on your current levels while making adjustments based on how these other values are affected.  The cenegenics doctor monitor how all of these hormone systems interact and affect one another.

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Your initial evaluation will consist of a complete history and physical examination, as well as a comprehensive laboratory profile.   You will then receive a consultation with one of the cenegenics medical professionals to educate you as to how our program can help you achieve a more youthful physiology and address health management issues.

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