Is it a scam ? What is Cenegenics Program Cost ?

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Cenegenics is one of the world’s largest program for age management. It was founded in 1997, and has more than ten medical centers across the United States. Throughout the United states Cenegenics operates 16 facilities and the numbers are growing.

Cenegenics Elite is a program that uses a proactive approach to fighting the effects of aging. Cenegenics is considered as a hormone therapy program  that uses age management medicine to control the natural progression of the body and improve the quality of life. This treatment focuses on the use of Human Growth Hormone to reverse and slow down the aging process.

Cenegenics sets up a personalized program for each individual, including using low glycemic diet, exercise and nutritional supplements to regulate hormones. Cenegenics create a customized health program for each individual based on his initial health analysis conducted in their laboratory in Las Vegas.

Cenegenics Compared to Other Alternatives :

$ 3000
High Price Tag
Intensive use of Human Growth Hormone
$ 1500
High Price Tag
Moderate use of Human Growth Hormone
Old School New Body
$ 25
Low Price
No HGH, 100% Natural

What is the Cenegenics cost ?

Cenegenics Elite Program is part of an integrated approach that aims to provide a case by case solution for aging health problems to men and women. This personalized attention is certainly something that most other companies selling HGH products do not offer.

Integrated personalized approach to anti aging issues is certainly the best way to show efficient and good results. However, the biggest barrier to be part of the entire Cenegenics program is the cost associated with it.

The amount required on a monthly basis to receive this kind of coaching is really beyond the reach of average people, no matter what is your fitness level, desire, or age. Initial examination fees  for cenegenics program cost from $ 3,000 to  $ 4,000 plus the cost of airfare and hotel accommodations for a trip to Las Vegas or other cenegenics centers. Cenegenics cost is approximately $ 1,500 per month, supplement costs about $ 1,000 and two blood tests are needed per year cost around $ 600 – $ 900. At the end of the year you are required to fly back to Vegas for another full exam which costs another $ 3000. Needless to say this is a treatment that is only a viable option for those who have thousands of dollars in disposable income each month.

Cenegenics program helps with increasing muscle tone, decreasing body fat, having more energy, increasing libido, sharper thinking, improving physical appearance. However, the use of Cenegenics will also cause negative effects related to intensive HGH doosage.

Less common, though recurring, HGH side effects with severity are under-active thyroid, inflammation of the gastrointestinal system, chest pain and bronchitis.

On the less severe side, HGH can cause abnormal fat storage and fat in the blood stream, puffiness from water retention, excessive sweating, dizziness, bone pain, back ache, nose inflammation, nasal or throat infection, high blood pressure and depression.

To ensure that the Cenegenics program goes well, you should consult  your doctor and expert of Cenegenics.

Ingredients of Cenegenics :

The principle ingredient of Cenegenics is Fortetropin. As claimed, it is a characteristic dietary supplement implied for enhancing muscle quality. Fortetropin was likewise clinically demonstrated to decrease the level of serum myostatin. The Cenegenics treatment contains a major centralization of peptides, proteins. Cenegenics is said to help avert sarcopenia, however there are no clinical information supporting this claim. Actually, it isn’t specified on their website the amount of Fortetropin contained in the treatment, so you are never certain whether it will truly help you to restore your muscle regenerative capacity.

Affordable Alternative to Cenegenics



63 thoughts on “Is it a scam ? What is Cenegenics Program Cost ?

  1. No it is not a scam. It may be a little expensive. We see the results and Dr. Life of Cenegenics is a living testimonial to the results of a healthy lifestyle, hormone balance through bio identical hormone replacement therapy, vitamins, and exercise. Literally their are thousands of scientists studying the benefits of hormone replacement therapy with human growth hormone and testosterone for low t.

    1. Can any of this be paid by insurance? Testosterone treatment has been associated with prostate cancer or can make existing prostate cancer worse. How are these situations handled?

    2. Total overpriced scam. I could buy the same stuff at a fifth the price. This crap is steroids. And the people that buy into it are brainless assholes. Plus, you’d think these “models” would die their hair. Steroid body, bald gray idiots.

  2. Good day Are there’re cecegenics program in Toronto Canada if not what are the requirements to get one up and running I believe it can be very successful and Toronto Canada , thank you and have a great day

  3. Oh one more thing about Cenegenics. You can get the same vitamins and hormones yourself for about a fourth of what they charge. And many of the attributes of these hormones can almost be remied with a good antidepressant, And that drops your cost to about $100 a month for the exact same effect his stuff does.

    1. I wanted to know what these supplements were so i can start my on program right away for a fraction of the above cost.

    2. Anti depresssants are extremly dangerous drugs in my view and I used them for quite a long time. Read Dr. Thierry Hertoghe’s discussion on Oxcitoycin, it explains a lot.

    3. Hi Robert,
      When or if you get a moment I would like to talk to you about what supplements you are taking in place of the cenegenics supplements.
      I eagerly await your reply.


    4. Where are the vitamins and growth hormones available to a man 65 and 40 pounds over wait. Would like to work on this idea but need more information on where to buy these products.

    5. I saw the add and your comment. I was wondering if you can give me the name of the vitamins and hormones.
      Why antidepressant?

    6. You can also get the HGH for around $500 per month through a company in San Diego that buys their HGH from Mexico. The HGH comes in original packaging from the manufacturer too.

    7. you commented on april 8th of 2014.
      Oh one more thing about Cenegenics. You can get the same vitamins and hormones yourself for about a fourth of what they charge. And many of the attributes of these hormones can almost be remedied with a good antidepressant, And that drops your cost to about $100 a month for the exact same effect his stuff does. Can you send me where or how to get the supplements and dose. I called the Tulsa OK office and oh my it was like 2500 plus 350 a month. I am a paramedic and no way can I afford this on a 12.00 hr salary. So please help. Thank you. I have been diagnosed with low T and 48 y/o my mass is melting away, my wait has increased 40 lbs in 2 months.

  4. Hardee-har, but here’s the scoop. As the ad says, Cenegenics is for those upper-income professionals who wish to optimize the health as they age, preventing many disease processes we take for granted as a “normal” part of aging. Type II diabetes, high cholesterol, High BP, osteopenia or osteoporosis…all avoidable. They also look at hormone levels which decline as we age and work to get them back into the the top 25-30% of where they were at say, 40 years. You’d take thyroid hormone if you were low in that, wouldn’t you? Same for checking testosterone, estrogen, and yes, growth hormone levels. They do not prescribe GH for anyone with cancer. They don’t offer testosterone if you have prostate ca but note that there has NEVER been a study showing a correlation between the two – otherwise we’d have cancer in our 20’s when the levels are much higher, no?
    It is a concierge-style program with a full day evaluation and near 24-7 contact with your health maintenance physician. Pricey, yeah, but compare that to the prospect of trying to juggle a handful of pills and 10-minute doctor visits when you’re 65 and Medicare has been slashed…
    It’s only $1000/mth or so IF you are diagnosed with age-related growth hormone deficiency and you choose to get the recombinant GH. The nutrition and fitness ideas/regimines are based on recent studies and some of the newer findings may surprise you. You don’t need to eat sand or get a trainer.
    I sat in during evaluations with the MD in the picture; he’s for real. I started following their advice 3 weeks ago and can let people know how it goes – I’m getting into this not as a cynic but as a skeptic. But I am impressed so far – may even stop practising anesthesiology and open a center myself.

    1. I am a concierge physician already. Got rid of all third parties two years ago and so far so good. I make about 80% of what I made before and with 1/4 the headaches never going back.

      Otherwise, I have been researching cenegenics now for quite a while. I am already tweaking with much of it myself. I just got an exercise science degree and now I will soon join in. This is the future of wellness. I was gonna say medicine, but I think I will leave all that garbage to the AMA.

    2. Hello “optimage”

      I’m getting very close to signing up for this program and would love some of your opinions regarding Cenegenics after your 6 months on the program, thanks for your time


    3. You don’t get PC in your twenties because the prostate has not be exposed to testosterone long long enough. Most men have prostate cancer cells in their bodies when they die from something not related to PC. So, I conclude that a long exposure, especially when giving in doses higher than a natural level to an older man can contribute to an acceleration of PC. Restoring men to homone levels of a twenty year old level is fooling nature and good results may not be the result.

    4. optimage:

      Just wondering how Cengenics is going for you. The date of your previous post was 4/15/14. So its been almost 7 months. Give us an update. I’m really interested to hear how things are going.

    5. How has the program worked for you since April? What has been the approximate monthly cost? Do you anticipate you need to stay on program in full force continually in the future to keep the benefits?

    6. Hi. Are you still impressed with the results? Are you still actively participating? Or are you now working for the company? i’d love to hear about your results. To my knowledge, they are no longer allowed to give growth hormone. Just the precursor. Are you still impressed with the results? Are you male or female? It seems to me that guys would do better in the program due to testosterone use.

    7. saw your comment today and that it was from over a year ago. Since tat time , what has transpired with you and the program?

    8. Would be very interested to hear follow up after being in the program for a year and if you felt it worth it. Thanks.

  5. I want know how many months I can use this program and how much cost I want know if I use this program if I can have 30 pound hard muscle I use go work out 3 days weeks pls let me know any questions leave message I leave New Jersey.

  6. I have been looking at Cenegenics services and products for the past year or so after a friend signed up for their program. After doing substantial research into hormones, especially “low T”. Their products are not only way overpriced, but the quality is not the best. For instance – any program to increase one’s testosterone levels should include highest quality Tongkat ali 200:1 and Fenugreek. Both can be purchased for substantially less than the products Cenegenics offers. I think they target high income people (like me) and hope you won’t spend a lot of time doing research.

  7. Optimage,
    It’s been about 6 months now. Can you give us an update?

    Do you know anything about how one could go about doing this for themselves? Perhaps with their GP’s assistance in getting the blood work done and other pre-therapy diagnostics?

  8. Hormone replacement = Steroids
    I am not bashing steroids because they can have many benefits, but don’t lie to yourself.

  9. It’s a scam from the point of view that you used to be able to buy HGH without a doctor. My step father used it and experienced an incredible uptick in his health…then it got outlawed.. now only scammer doctors can do it…

  10. Can you tell me if years of pain mngt. Can screw up ones hormones? My husband and I were both world class athletes (the reason why our bodies were torn to shreds!) I’m on a relatively low dose narcotic but used to used my own adreanals, endorphins to fight through pain (13 back fracture and a screwed vertibroplasty! Yes I’m not kidding, I have osteo genesis imperfects but soldiered though) my husband had two laminectomys and knee surgeries ect..he’s a vet of the highest caliber…how can we turn this around and resume letting our bodies do the fine work they used husband is on more meds than I but for his size its useless..we want off it and back to healthy body chemistry that knows how to really manage pain! Any thoughts?

  11. Once again something that only the wealthy can afford. Nothing that sounds to good to be true is and I suspect this is yet another if those. A get rich idea for the already rich.

  12. Might not be a scam but it is money wasted. Watch what you eat, exercise, in other words live healty and you’ll live longer and be happier.

  13. As with everything else-the rich get the benefits and everyday joe gets to become decrepit and wrinkled and sick. Its like the high end cars with all the accident preventative extras in them. The rest of us can just die in accidents. Same ol’ crap, different day. However, after reading above, it sounds like a big old scam. Also well known GH causes all sorts of ailments later on. And John-do you own a franchise? What a scam including paid for reviews.

  14. It really bugs me when someone says they can get something a lot cheaper. THEN DO IT. You can get a KIA a lot cheaper than a MERCEDES but yet there are plenty of Mercedes being sold every year. Don’t pick something apart because you can’t afford it. BTW, I can’t afford it either but I can definitely see the value of a detailed program since the most valuable commodity you own in life is YOU! I say Congrats in offering people a second chance in hopefully a longer healthier life. I hope eventually there will be a trickle down effect. That one day people will understand that billions can be saved by staying healthy versus by Doctors responding to sickness.

  15. I know its a scam because the doctor they use in ad,s died of heart attack, years ago, but they use him because he had time and money to spend in gym, and the drug gave him a heart attack, I know cause I went to his funeral

  16. Can this really help a person that was physically fit, but due to a spinal injury? I am 65 yrs. of age, 5ft. 9in., 175 lbs.

  17. Cenegenics is definitely not a scam. Supplements, hormone therapy,exercise and diet are tailored for each individual patient after a very thorough physical exam and review of special labs.
    The Cenegenics physician then spends and enormous amount of time with the patient one on one. The physician will understand the patients capabilities, needs, wants, desires and guide the patient toward optimal health using objective criteria such as VO2 MAX, body composition, cognitive functioning and strength. Cenegenics will change your life/health if you follow the program.
    As far as the price, it’s worth every penny “you get what you pay for”. Let’s say you spend $1000/month with cenegenics or $100/month with another program. When Friday comes along and all your friends are eating pizza and drinking beer and you want to join them what’s stopping you?
    $1000/month vs $100/month.
    If I’m paying a thousand dollars a month to be healthy you can bet I’m not going to ruin it for a ten dollar pizza.
    If you want real health, go with a cenegenics trained physician.

  18. Overpriced at $20,000 – $25,000 per year for hormone therapy, nutritional supplements, lab work four times a year, and coaching on exercise and diet. There are many less costly and equally effective alternatives available.

  19. What or where do you go and what do u ask for if you would like bio ident without the high price 100month is manageable so where do we go who do we ask and what do u buy .thanks interested in margate fla 9549071665

  20. I am a 64 jear old businessman. I have just sold one of the companies in the group which took up most of my time. I now have a few goals: to remain occupied, stimulated and ensure ongoing quality of life. I WANT TO OPEN A CENEGENICS BRANCH IN CAPE TOWN! Would it be possible to arrange an interview with the appropriate person?

  21. It’s a shame that people think they need this type of treatment. NOTHING replaces proper diet, hydration, sleep and exercise. Does it not concern anyone that they have to monitor your endocrine functions while taking HGH? Isn’t it a warning light that they openly tell you that this treatment can signal the start of diabetes or cancer? I wouldn’t pump this stuff into my body and I would never tell one of my patients that this is an acceptable or safe treatment.

  22. I am very skeptical. If it seems to good to be true, it usually is! Unless it’s free to see if it works, I’m not going to get involved. JLL.

  23. i am staying in malaysia as tourist as there is any possible for me to visit us for general check up and what is the procedure for me to go to america from malaysia and i am holding indian passport.

    my sister is there in us who can contact you if any possibility is there

  24. Yes glorified personal trainers over priced doctors, nutrionist and expensive blood test . HGH hormone theraphy replacement ya sure just a fancy words for STEROIDS hence the side affects high blood pressure, headaches and personality issues and increased sex drive . Lots and lots of athletes use HGH nothing new under the sun but are you an athlete or do you just want to get healthy ? If you got the cash to waste go for it but if you have to struggle to pay these glorified quacks dont bother . Visit your regular doctor get a physical meet with a nutrionist join a gym get a personal trainer and if you must find a local hormone doctor for some testosteron theraphy you will save tens of thousands of dollars .

  25. I would like to know if you have veteran discount rate. Maybe I could pay with medical insurance. If I had the money I would pay no problem. You cannot put a price on your health but when you don’t have it you get left out. That’s a fact.

  26. Who wrote this review….someone with a financial interest in Cenegenics??

    I was hoping to find something a little more objective and scientific than a “blog” with poor grammar, “that’s for sure” (sic). I’m open minded enough to believe that there may be something positive about the Cenegenics systems and treatment. On the other hand, I’m 58, still pay adult baseball and can still crank out 75+ push ups in 75 seconds. Not quite what I could do 25 years ago, but compared to most of my friends and colleagues, my reasonable healthy diet and exercise has proven pretty successful.

    I see a lot of people that don’t follow a healthy diet and exercise regimen on their own want to get some magic pill or treatment to make up for their own lack of self discipline….and there are no shortage of companies that will separate them from their money with ridiculous, and sometimes dangerous, promises.

    So anyone know where I could find FACTUAL, SCIENTIFIC, and statistically significant test results on Cenegenics that isn’t a marketing and sales pitch??

  27. I am in Hong Kong and would like to know if there is a doctor available for treatment in Hong Kong????

  28. I was on the program 20 years ago and it’s true the aging process was slowed. People thought I was ten years younger. My husband was on it with me, he passed away of rectal cancer and was taking a fair amount of testosterone and I do wonder what affect that had on his cancer. We left the program out of laziness and our bodies began to age normally again. Still, today at 65, I look and act younger and am considering going back to the program. It’s expensive, no question about it but the program really took personal care of our health. I don’t think its a scam but it you are considering it, get your mental state ready because its a drastic life long change in your diet and exercise. As far as the spokesperson passing away, yes we all pass away but its about living better.

  29. My husband, now ex, was on Cenegenics for 2 years. It worked physically but what it did mentally is sad. It completely changed him and ruined our family. The roid rages were horrible. Don’t let your loved one try it. There are better ways.

  30. My husband tried this program for about 2years. He actually hid this from me because after reviewing their initial work up (specifically labs) and doing research on Cenegenics, I advised him against joining their program. First of all, the lab tests were done by Quest labs which publishes their reference ranges (I.e. what is normal for a male/female, at a particular age) for lab tests such as testosterone. Cenegenics then takes the results and enters onto their own ‘lab report’. Sounds not bad so far…until you compare Cenegenics reference ranges with Quest and other CLIA certified labs. Not surprising, my husband according to Cenegenics was low on testosterone but very normal based on Quest and industry standards. Cenegenics had a lower limit for testosterone more than 40times the typical lab results. It was essentially ‘evidence’ he needed hormone therapy. For the sake of argument let’s say he had hormone deficiency. Why go to Dr. Campion, his personalized MD at Cenegenics in San Francisco, who is board certified as an ophthalmologist? Wouldn’t you want to consult with an endocrinologist?

    You are probably wondering about my husband….My husband did end up with increased metabolism and his intense workouts did result in bulkier muscles, but he was much more agitated and grumpy (and oddly his high blood pressure seemed to worsen, which is not usual side effect).

    Another issue to consider… we ALL have risk of developing cancer in our bodies. Cancer is basically cells in your body growing abnormally and out of control. Some of us have increased risks due to genetics and/or environmental reasons. Actually the longer you live, your chances of developing cancer also increases. Taking hormones that tell your body to produce more cells than it naturally should, when you have no hormone deficiency, is another sure way of increasing your risks of developing cancer. Most people are looking to decrease unnecessary risks, so why would a person take human growth hormone, HCG or testosterone when they are not deficient of those?
    Cenegenics should be investigated and scrutinized for preying on ‘older’ and vulnerable people seeking the fountain of youth. They provide misleading information and figured out a way to have MDs legally prescribe drugs to patients that have no hormone deficiency. They repackage their vitamins and supplements. These vitamins and natural supplements (e.g. melatonin/somnapure) they provide are all available at any grocery or pharmacy store. I wonder if their outsourcing facilities are registered with FDA and if so, have they been inspected by FDA and received warnings?
    Be cautious and diligent when considering Cenegenics! Maybe compare costs of having personal nutritionist and trainer to help you with your path to a healthier you.

  31. Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) is not a scam. If anyone says otherwise they are an uneducated fool. It seems most of the complaints are about cost. If you cant’ afford their service don’t be a hater move on. When I eat at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel and I pay $180 just for a steak is it a scam. Of course, I could buy at Sizzler. They both serve steak. Was I ripped off? I get 5-star treatment and I know my steak is perfect. And yes I can afford it! There are many places that do HRT. You should go to a different place you can afford. Will you get the concierge service? Will you get the quality of service? Will your meds be guaranteed? I’m not pushing Cenegenics. I just hate uneducated complainers. Tell me they are not on time. Tell me your meds were wrong. Tell me you got sick. DON’T BITCH ABOUT COST! It’s your life, not a cheeseburger.

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