Is it real or scam ?


Cenegenics is the world’s largest age management program and the leading authority in his field. Cenegenics was founded in 1997, and has more than ten medical centers across the United States with several others opening in major cities in 2017. Throughout the USA they operate 16 facilities and the numbers are growing.


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Cenegenics product is touted as part of a health program that uses a more proactive approach to healthy living for then fights the effects of aging overall. Cenegenics also often considered as a hormone therapy that promote age management medicine to control the natural progression of age and improve the quality of life. Hormones, men and women, the decline with age and can cause fatigue, mood swings, disease, and obesity. This treatment focuses on the use of Human Growth Hormone to reverse and slow down the aging process.

Cenegenics set up a whole program for each individual, including using low glycemic diet, exercise and a nutritional supplement to regulate hormones as a proactive means for healthy aging. They create a customized health program for each individual based on initial health analysis conducted in their laboratory in Las Vegas.

What is the Cenegenics cost ?

Cenegenics product is part of the overall integrated approach that is treated on a case by case basis for each person who decides to become a part of their system, and they are committed to a comprehensive program. This individual attention is certainly something that most other companies that offer HGH products do not offer that’s for sure.

Integrated approach to health certainly the most profitable way to show the results and ensure that the changes are more permanent.However, the biggest barrier to be part of the entire program Cenegenics definite cost associated with it.

The amount required to pay on a monthly basis to receive this kind of attention and has the possibility of good results is really beyond the reach of the average person, no matter what your fitness level, desire, or age. For in the count, initial examination fee can run from $ 3,000 – $ 4,000 plus the cost of airfare and hotel accommodations for a trip to Las Vegas. HGH cost is approximately $ 1,500 per month, supplement costs about $ 1,000 and two blood tests are needed per year cost around $ 600 – $ 900. At the end of the year you are required to fly back to Vegas for another full exam which costs another $ 3000. Needless to say this is a treatment that is really only a viable option for those who have thousands of dollars in disposable income each month.

orange-arrow-256x250Do You Need a Cheaper Alternative to Cenegenics ?
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Cenegenics program has a positive effect for you. Such as: increased muscle tone, decrease body fat, more energy, increased libido, sharper thinking, improved physical appearance and good outlook on life. However, the use of Cenegenics will also cause negative effects for you. Such as: make your body swell, you may also experience an increase in blood pressure and headaches. And worst of all, you can have cancer, heart disease, and even behavioral changes can lead to diabetes. But not everyone had such a bad thing. To ensure that the Cenegenics program goes well, you should consult with your doctor and expert of Cenegenics. This is to ensure no bad thing happened to you.

5 thoughts on “Is it real or scam ?”

  1. No it is not a scam. It may be a little expensive. We see the results and Dr. Life of Cenegenics is a living testimonial to the results of a healthy lifestyle, hormone balance through bio identical hormone replacement therapy, vitamins, and exercise. Literally their are thousands of scientists studying the benefits of hormone replacement therapy with human growth hormone and testosterone for low t.

  2. Good day Are there’re cecegenics program in Toronto Canada if not what are the requirements to get one up and running I believe it can be very successful and Toronto Canada , thank you and have a great day

  3. Oh one more thing about Cenegenics. You can get the same vitamins and hormones yourself for about a fourth of what they charge. And many of the attributes of these hormones can almost be remied with a good antidepressant, And that drops your cost to about $100 a month for the exact same effect his stuff does.

  4. Hardee-har, but here’s the scoop. As the ad says, Cenegenics is for those upper-income professionals who wish to optimize the health as they age, preventing many disease processes we take for granted as a “normal” part of aging. Type II diabetes, high cholesterol, High BP, osteopenia or osteoporosis…all avoidable. They also look at hormone levels which decline as we age and work to get them back into the the top 25-30% of where they were at say, 40 years. You’d take thyroid hormone if you were low in that, wouldn’t you? Same for checking testosterone, estrogen, and yes, growth hormone levels. They do not prescribe GH for anyone with cancer. They don’t offer testosterone if you have prostate ca but note that there has NEVER been a study showing a correlation between the two – otherwise we’d have cancer in our 20’s when the levels are much higher, no?
    It is a concierge-style program with a full day evaluation and near 24-7 contact with your health maintenance physician. Pricey, yeah, but compare that to the prospect of trying to juggle a handful of pills and 10-minute doctor visits when you’re 65 and Medicare has been slashed…
    It’s only $1000/mth or so IF you are diagnosed with age-related growth hormone deficiency and you choose to get the recombinant GH. The nutrition and fitness ideas/regimines are based on recent studies and some of the newer findings may surprise you. You don’t need to eat sand or get a trainer.
    I sat in during evaluations with the MD in the picture; he’s for real. I started following their advice 3 weeks ago and can let people know how it goes – I’m getting into this not as a cynic but as a skeptic. But I am impressed so far – may even stop practising anesthesiology and open a center myself.

  5. I am a 64 jear old businessman. I have just sold one of the companies in the group which took up most of my time. I now have a few goals: to remain occupied, stimulated and ensure ongoing quality of life. I WANT TO OPEN A CENEGENICS BRANCH IN CAPE TOWN! Would it be possible to arrange an interview with the appropriate person?

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